At the Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home, we provide a full line of funeral merchandise that will fit anyone’s needs. In addition to the standard merchandise available at most funeral homes, we also provide:

Precious Memories

Precious Memories are made in East Aurora, NY. Made of metals ranging from sterling silver to gold, precious memories are pendants and jewelry keepsakes made from a person’s fingerprint. With the permission of the family, we will capture a fingerprint of the decedent and keep it in our files in case someone in the family would wish to purchase one, whether it is in a month or 5 years after the death of a loved one. There is no obligation to purchase a Precious Memory keepsake. It is our goal to make it an option for our families to assist them in the grieving and bereavement process.

Forever in Glass

Forever in Glass will memorialize your loved ones and/or pets by interweaving different colors of glass with a small amount of cremains/ash into a very artistic piece of glass keepsake jewelry or sculpture. We will personalize each piece by signing or engraving your loved ones name so they will be Forever in Glass. This type of glass cremation keepsake will be past down through generations to come.