The Filer Family
January 10, 2021
Patty and Kevin,We want to thank you and bless you both for being so kind, professional loving and caring at our time of loss. You are both Soldiers and Angels. God Bless.
The Filer Family
Debbie Howell
January 29, 2020
Kevin and Patty were so comforting and made us feel a part of their family from the very first phone call. They helped us with every step and detail in the most compassionate yet professional way. I have the impression that for them, this is not just a "job" but it's a calling/mission to help families through the most difficult of times. They do it well and we will always be grateful for them.
Frank & Diane Thielman
January 28, 2020
Kevin and Patty helped our “out of area” family step by step. Their compassion, caring and attention to every detail was wonderful. They made a difficult situation so much easier. Thank you so much for taking such care of our Mother and all of us.
Billy Lewis, Jr.
January 28, 2020
Kevin & Patty are caring, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. They handled everything needed with my mom’s arrangements, including transportation from central Ohio to Shinglehouse, and really relieved the burden of putting everything in place for my dad when it came to filling out paperwork and notifying those necessary. Thank you for your wonderful service to those in need.
Faith Turner
January 5, 2020
Kevin & Patty are absolutely wonderful caring people they helped me thru everything I needed to do under very hard circumstances I greatly appreciate everything they have done an couldn’t ask for better people than them!!!
Gail Cummings
August 26, 2019
Death is a difficult time for all family members. Kevin and Patti made this time more bearable. They are compassionate caring people. They took care of everything for us - the known and more importantly, the unknown. We shall never be able to thank them enough. The Shinglehouse area is very lucky to have them.
Robin G. Formoso
August 8, 2019
Kevin and Patty you are both awesome people, Kevin you helped Me and my son Cody so much during the passing of Joseph. You sat at our kitchen table and made us feel at ease with what we had no idea where to turn next. From planning Joseph’s Celebration of Life Service to helping with all the Military Honor Guard and the Patriot Riders to helping us get his Military Bronze plaque for his grave. Joe’s Living Will was just as he wanted things and then some. You came highly recommended to me when I knew that is was time we needed to get things arranged. You called every day checking on us and you didn't have to do that. This just shows me that you really care about us folks who have no idea about things. Thank you so much Kevin and Patty for all you did for us. I would highly recommenced anyone who needs your services to contact you. Many Hugs to you both! Robin Formoso and Cody Petteys
Kurt and Wendy Berger
May 25, 2019
Dear Kevin and Patty, We are ever so grateful to you for your guidance and compassion during our difficult time. Your utmost professionalism and kindness touched us deeply!
Darlene McCumber
May 1, 2019
Our family would like to say thank you for the care give to our loved, Jack. It is was comforting to have such kind and loving people in our time of need.
Helyn Wilson
March 13, 2019
Dear Kevin & Patti,
Just a note to thank you so much for your kindness. You both made a terrible time in our lives bearable and took away all our worries.. You managed to be very understanding and sincere while keeping us focused on the task at hand.
We were so happy with the flowers from the florist you recommended and the many members of the Potter County Honor Guard took our breath away.
Everything you both did was carried our with dignity and kindness....with a sprinkle of humor that Bob would appreciate. We are forever grateful that you were there when we truly needed your friendship and expertise. God's blessings to you.
Kathleen Wilson
March 7, 2019
Just wanted to take a moment to thank you Kevin and Patty for your professionalism and compassion. You thought of everything and took so much of the burden off my Mom and myself during a very difficult time. Thank you again.
Robin Moyer
January 30, 2019
Kevin and Patty are exceptional, caring and loving people. When my father passed away, they went out of their way to make things easy and comfortable for my mom and family. Kevin and Patty came to our home to meet with us which was so very kind and continued to be in constant touch with my mom as things needed to be done so that she did not have to worry about anything. They truly cared and wanted to know as much about my dad as possible. Their professionalism, kindness and guidance were priceless during our time of need. Thank you so much Kevin and Patty.
Judy Durst
January 26, 2019
My sincere gratitude to Kevin and Patty Dusenbury for their kindness and compassion they showed during, and after, the loss of my husband Richard. This loss was devastating, as all who have lost someone knows so well. The need for guidance during this time in life is so appreciated. Kevin and Patty provided that guidance, professionalism and compassion. They made this life change for me more tolerable. I appreciate all the meetings with them, all their help in things that needed to be taken care of and their amazing attention to all details. My sincere ‘thank you’ to you, Kevin and Patty. Judy Durst and family.
The Smith Family
December 6, 2018
Kevin and Patty went above and beyond to assist our family after our loss. They took care of the stressful paperwork and phone calls, so we could focus on the important things. They were sensitive to our needs and treated us with respect and compassion. Thank you for your patience and we truly appreciate everything you have done to alleviate our concerns.
Melissa and Kenneth Gamet
November 28, 2018
Kevin and Patty are so wonderful. They have helped us plan several funerals. They are always willing to help and will actually help you make it as nice as possible. They make you feel so comfortable with all of the details. I am very thankful for their assistance.
November 15, 2018
Kevin has been so wonderful! I don’t even know where yo begin! As a professional he has always been more than willing to help and offer guidance when I had questions.Now today, as he was called when my sister passed unexpectently, he was so kind and caring! Truly a one of a kind! Thank you Kevin. I am not sure you realize how much your support today truly truly helped!!!
Michele D'Angelo Catherman
October 12, 2018
Kevin and Patty are so sensitive to every situation. They are the most caring and loving people. I truly appreciate all of their helping hands and not sure how I would have gotten through the process without them. I cannot even imagine anyone else in their position doing a better job than these two wonderful people. They are the true meaning of community.
With much appreciation and love.
Lee Barclay
October 6, 2018
Kevin and his wife Patti are simply amazing human beings. I lost my mother early last month and he helped me and my family through the entire process in the most compassionate way possible. He shows empathy and compassion in everything he does and with everyone he meets. We had several issues at first with where my mother would be kept and Kevin made walked us through the process to get her to a respectable location and made sure that she was treated with dignity. I believe that he does his job not for the money, but because he truly care about families and goes above and beyond to ensure their comfort during one of the most difficult times in their lives. Thank you Kevin.
September 23, 2018
Kevin is a great guy! Always caring and supportive! My work recently had an issue with a deceased resident where I work. Even though Kevin was not the undertaker responsible to care for the person, he was so kind and helpful taking several phone calls late into the night to ensure this loved one was cared for the best she could be under the circumstances and donating an item desperately needed!! I highly recommend him for anyone in need of having a loved one cared for!!!
Elizabeth Ortiz
September 19, 2018
Dear Kevin and Patty
I want to thank you both for your loving support during a difficult time. You thought of every detail and were very thorough in the planning of Dad's funeral and after his passing. I will always think of you fondly. God bless you both always.
Joan and Family
August 31, 2018
Patty and Kevin,
Thank you so much for all you have done for my family. YOU both were amazing during our time of loss. I appreciate all the prayers and all the love you have shown.
With Love,
Joan and Family
Mary Beth Eaton
August 17, 2018
Kevin and Patty,
Thank you for all that you have done, for my family and I, as we go through this time of grief. You have been a great help to us through the passing of both my father and my mother these past 8 months. You have gone the extra mile for us and we greatly appreciate. Thanks again. May God bless you both.
June Moore
May 16, 2018
Kevin and Patty .Thank you for all your support and guidance during this difficult time.
Your attention to details and going the extra mile to make our arrangements for our loved one . I cant thank you enough.
June Moore
RJ & Heather Wargo
April 16, 2018
When we lost our baby prematurely in October 2013, we were devastated and numb. Kevin and Patty were so sensitive and understanding, they handled everything so perfectly and with such compassion, we didn’t have to have any anxiety or worries about the funeral arrangements or burial. We were and still are so grateful for their care during that horrible time. They truly care about the people they serve. We are so happy to know that we have Kevin and Patty to be here for these times, as they are honestly the very best anyone could ever ask for in times of extreme grief and high stress. The last thing anyone wants to worry about is funeral arrangements and they are so thorough, discreet, thoughtful, and prepared that one doesn’t have to stay on top of anything in that regard, which is very comforting.
Kevin even called months later to check in on us and just see how we were holding up. He truly cares.
Thank you so much for your dedication to your community.
Nan Tanner
April 6, 2018
Kevin and Patty,
Thank you for all your support and guidance during a most difficult time. Your attention to details and going the extra mile making the arrangements as we desired was much appreciated. We can’t thank you enough for your help and guidance.
Family of Tim Schaub
Karen Vineyard
April 5, 2018
We really appreciate Kevin and Patty for all of their help. We had met with them over the years many times with so many family members living in the area and passing away. They have always been so kind and comforting. More recently with immediate family dying, my mom Beverly Phillips and brother Bradley Phillips, I was involved with them in a more direct-business way. They are both so resourceful, kind and thorough with going beyond what they even needed to do. At a time of sorrow and hurt they truly are a comfort in a way like God would intend us all to be to each other. Thank you very much Kevin and Patty.
Steven and Jamie West
January 15, 2018
Kevin and Patty,
Thank you so much for your help with a very difficult time. Your professional service with a personal touch, made the passing of our loved one easier to get through.
Chris and Dee Carr
January 3, 2018
I want to thank Kevin and Patty, for being so very kind and helpful to us when my Father Nick Mascino passed away on Dec 14,2017. If it wasn't for Kevin and Patty helping us through the process we would have been lost. The comfort and guiding we received was remarkable . Thank you both.
Dale Dunshie
January 1, 2018
Our family experienced the passing of both parents in December 2017 within eight days of each other. Kevin and Patty helped us through this very difficult time with attention and understanding one needs in this time of sorrow. The support we received was extremely helpful for the family to endure the great emotional pain and sadness. Your professional guidance on final arrangements was exceptional. Thank you!
Juneann Major
December 5, 2017
My husband passed away at age 45. I had no idea what to do or who to even call. When my mother in law called Kevin and Patty they were so kind and helpful. They guided us through the whole process and made sure everything went perfectly smooth. I believe God guided us to this loving and professional couple.
Family of Florence Givan
November 21, 2017
Dear Kevin,
Words alone can not express our gratitude for your guidance during this very difficult time. Your professionalism and knowledge was very much appreciated. We are truly blessed to have you in our community to support and lead us in our most difficult times.
Yvonne Bump
August 15, 2017
We can't thank you enough for all your support and help when mother passed and later with the memorial service. Working long distance was no problem for you-every detail was addressed, making this difficult time much easier. Thanks again Kevin and Patty.
Lorra Burns
July 25, 2017
When my Mother passed unexpectedly in 2016, Kevin was extremely kind and helpful. He made the hardest days of my life much easier by helping in anyway he could. He went above and beyond to follow my Mother's wishes. Him and Pat were so kind to us. I was very surprised to receive a phone call on the 1 yr anniversary of her death, he was just checking to see how I was doing. I have never met more respectful Funeral Director's as Kevin and Pat.
Clifford Stuckey family
July 3, 2017
Thank you.....small words to cover so much. Kevin and Patty you went the extra mile to help me and my family through this difficult time of losing our mom. She had a very large, loving, and involved family and you helped everyone feel at peace with this transition, which can be a challenging task, but you came through. I appreciated your kind professionalism and attention to details so we didn't have to worry about how her arrangements were handled. You guided us every step. My profound thanks to you and your staff
Suzanne Sturn
June 18, 2017
Dear Kevin . . . words alone aren't sufficient to tell you how grateful our family is. Your prompt, warm, friendly and compassionate support these past few weeks while we deal with the loss of Ron meant so much to our family. From coming to the house to make arrangements, sharing stories, and offering your support in many ways - you made an extremely difficult time much more manageable for my mother. For that I will always be eternally grateful. You care about your families as if they were your own. Thank you for being there for us.
Vi, Rick and Diana Shaw
March 21, 2017
Kevin and Patty,
Thank you for the compassion you showed us during a very difficult time in our lives. The way you handled everything was very professional and thorough which, made it much easier for us to deal with the loss of our loved one.
Brittany Pangburn
February 19, 2017
Kevin and Patty
It's so hard to find the right words to express all the wonderful things they have done for our family, multiple times, and have been inviting, friendly, understanding, and welcoming every time. They have helped us in our darkest hour and then some, and absolutly make us feel welcomed and listen to our wishes and always go that extra mile no matter what.
From our family to yours, we can not thank you enough.
Constance (Connie) Pangburn
February 19, 2017
I would love to thank Kevin & Patty for Always being so loving & caring during another hard time in life. You have helped my family & I during the loss of my mom, husband, & now my brother. Thank you for making such a tough time, much easier, especially knowing that you take such pride in caring for our loved ones, in our time of sorrow. Thanks again for everything Kevin & Patty
Dylan Hunt- Grandson of Joesph and Kay Bohn
January 1, 2017
I cannot thank you enough for the support through a rough time after the loss of my grandpa Joe Bohn.
Linda (Setzer) Cole Lohr and Family
November 29, 2016
Kevin and Patty,
Words cannot begin to express our thanks and gratitude to you both in helping our family post newspaper and online obituary-memorial notices for my father, Melvin J. Setzer. We kept running into roadblocks and you cleared the way for us, comforted us, advised us in things we had not thought of, and were "so very kind" and you had never even met us! There will surely be "stars in your crowns" for all of the good things you have done for others...
God be with you both,
Linda Lohr and Family
Kayla and Rachel
September 26, 2016
We can't thank you enough for your support through a rough time. Between coming to the house to walk us through the process and continuing to call us even after it's been all done has been truly amazing
.You went above and beyond your job and your compassion for helping others is inspiring! Thank you for everything!
Kay Bohn
September 16, 2016
Kevin and his wife Patty went above and beyond in their helping us plan the services for my Joe. They made an unbearable experience much easier with their compassion, caring and thoughtfulness. May God bless you both.Kay Bohn
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